Why it’s important to read to your child

We are telling children that reading and books are good for them, but have we ever really thought about why that is true? What do children get out of reading novels? What do kids get from being read to reading the tales of kid? Does reading matter?

Let’s start with the practical advantages and after that proceed into a lifetime filled with reading’s rewards. The capacity to learn about new subjects and find useful information for anything at all, from health issues and consumer protection, to academic research, is determined by the capability to read.

Some experts predict the death of the printed word but, ironically, the internet has made studying more a part of people’s everyday lives.

To use the net and judge the authenticity and value of the information provided encourages studying and develops critical thinking skills.

The more kids read, the better they will become at studying.

The more pleasing the things they read, the further they will develop the studying skills that they’ll need to become successful.

Reading should be seen as a source of amusing stories, factual information and an activity that is enjoyable for you and your kids. Start them young. The more young kids read tales and are read to, the greater their interest in mastering anything.

Reading out loud exposes kids to proper grammar and phrasing.

Reading books, kid’s stories, magazines or websites, exposes children to new vocabulary. When parents read out loud to kids, it becomes a bonding experience and the kids also hear correct pronunciation as they see the words on the page, even when they cannot yet read the words on their very own.

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