A new pool cleaner for Christmas!

two boys

With two boys that are full of energy, having a backyard pool is a godsend! When I was growing up I always thought that pools were for the rich but these days, whether it’s for exercise or togetherness, luxury or convenience households are getting their own pools. You don’t have to be rich to afford a pool. There are many different kinds of pools to suit just about every budget.

Last summer, we got the boys an above ground pool to keep them cool on those long hot, dry days. It was one of the best things we ever did. Splashing around the pool keeps the boys busy and having fun out of my way! They are happy and so am I! Allowing them the swim time also gives me a bargaining chip to motivate them to read more.

This Christmas, we decided to treat ourselves to a new pool vacuum. I’ve been doing a bit of research on above ground pool cleaners and have found that there’s not as much choice as there are for in-ground pools.

After much deliberation, we’ve narrowed the choice down to Intex or Aquabot. I still can’t decide which is the best above ground pool vacuum, although the Aquabot is way more expensive than Intex. We’re so happy with our pool we think we may just lash out and buy the Aquabot. If anyone out there has one or the other I’d love to know how you’re going with your pool cleaner.

If you’re thinking about a pool, you might want to decide whether to get an above ground pool or an in-ground pool. Above ground pools are much cheaper but they don’t look as nice and tidy as pools dug into the ground.

Installation costs can vary from $700 for a small above-ground pool to tens of thousands for a designer landscaped pool.

Landscaped pools can be expensive but they sure do transform the backyard. It’s my dream to have an in-ground pool one of these days (like the one my neighbor has).

For an in-ground pool, I realise I will need to hire a contractor or various subcontractors, like an excavator, mason, plumber, electrician and carpenter. I was checking out some new pools and found these ones. One day, sigh! Dream on….

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